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Water is able to quench heated metals rapidly as well. It can cool a metal even faster than oil. In a fashion similar to oil quenching, a tank is filled with water and the heated metal is submerged in it. It can also be flushed through a part. One benefit of water is that flammability of the media is not a concern. We have 12,000, 15,000 & 35000 liters capacity of Water Quenching tank.


Water quenching is a rapid cooling, where water as a quenching medium extracts heat much faster. Water cooling typically will give you higher hardness but more stressed component.


The process of water quenching is as follows,

  • It begins by fully austenitizing the material, depending on the grade of material.
  • It is held for a time commensurate with the part cross-section.
  • This step can be done using a carbon-controlled protective atmosphere to prevent decarburization and the formation of scale as required.
  • The load is then quenched in agitated water to produce a fully hardened martensitic microstructure.
  • After the quench, the parts are tempered down to the specified hardness.


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