Heat treatment covers a variety of controlled processes that are used to alter a material’s physical and chemical properties. Heat treatment furnaces are used to achieve these processes, which involve extreme heating or cooling to achieve their desired reaction and there are various types of furnaces that are used to carry out these heat treatment processes,

Pit type furnace

Pit type furnaces are of a cylindrical design vertically erected with a positive sealing mechanism on top in order to contain and preserve heat and atmosphere during a process cycle. We are equipped with 8 nos of Gas fired Pit Type Furnaces.

Pit type tempering furnace

Pit type air circulating  tempering furnace is mainly used for carrying out secondary heat treatment processes like stress reliving , aging etc for achieving desired hardness and physical properties. We are housed with 4 nos of pit type tempering furnace. 2 Electrical and 2 no of gas fired.

Gas carburizing furnace

These are electrically heated sealed retort industrial furnaces, of a type provided with a heat treatment chamber in which processes are carried out involving the heat treatment, of charges, while such charges are enveloped by a carbonaceous gas-atmosphere which permeates the heat treatment chamber. We are equipped with 3 nos of Gas carbonizing Furnace.

Quenching Facility

In quenching heat treatment, the material is heated up to suitable temperatures and then quenched in oil to fully harden, varying on the kind of metal being worked on. Our quenching heat treatments will result in a guaranteed improvement of the mechanical properties of your products, as well as an increase in their level of toughness making these items more durable.

Oil Quenching

12000 liters & 27000 liters capacity of Oil Quenching tank with proper agitation & cooling System.

Water Quenching

12000, 15000 & 35000 liters capacity of Water Quenching tank with proper agitation & cooling System..

Air Quenching

A geared mechanism for rotation of loaded fixture during forced air cooling by high rpm powerful fan to ensure uniform cooling rate throughout the fixture.

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