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Air Quenching is simply the type of quenching in which a stream of air is directed over the workpiece to cool it down from above its critical temperature. Shakti heat treatment offers a geared mechanism for rotation of loaded fixture during forced air cooling by high rpm powerful fan to ensure uniform cooling rate throughout the fixture in air quenching.


The media used to quench the workpiece depends on the required rate of cooling for that particular alloy. The rate is determined by the composition and the size of the workpiece. For example, low carbon alloys usually require rapid quenching while alloys with large amounts of Manganese. Nickel or other alloying elements may require slower quenching. Air Quenching is employed when slower and uniform cooling is required in the workpiece such as high alloy steels.


Air or compressed air is be used to cool the workpiece though care is taken that cooling is uniform to prevent cracking or deformation. The air stream is also free of moisture. Non Ferrous materials are usually quenched in liquid but very large workpieces is be cooled using Air quenching.


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